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Library Services

Reader’s Service: The librarian provides guidance to Library users, especially school children, on the most appropriate reading materials.

Library lecture: New patrons/clients receive a Library lecture and orientation. The lecture focuses on Library rules and regulations and the use of the card catalog.

Literacy Program: The Library organizes year-round educational activities as part of its Literacy Program. These include storytelling sessions, puppet shows, basic computer class, film showing, educational games, “Marikina Children’s Fun Day” (every Saturday), reading and comprehension skills enhancement projects (AcceleREAD, READiscover), and interactive learning (“Cyber E”).

Field trips: The Library spearheads educational field trips for schools and charitable institutions for free.

Contests: In-house (e.g., Brain Teasers) and inter-school (storytelling, Quiz Bee) competitions are regularly held by the Marikina City Library.

Seminars and workshops: Every year, the Library organizes workshops on various topics such as library administration, building libraries, indexing, and cataloging, for public school principals/school heads and teacher-librarians.

Library Extension Program: The Library proactively reaches out to the community through its Library Extension Program. It aims to encourage citizens to visit the Library and enjoy its resources and services.

Ka-angkan Family History Center: The Ka-Angkan Family History Center will be the primary storehouse of information and resources on the evolution and development of clans in Marikina City.

It will document, organize, and preserve organizational records in all formats, as well as disseminate pertinent information in both printed and electronic forms. It will likewise serve as an informational link to family organizations and those who are interested in family history and genealogy.

Community/school visits: These activities are organized in coordination with local schools and charitable institutions. The community/school visit is highlighted by an orientation on the Library’s facilities and services.

Orientation with school officials: The Library introduces its facilities and services to school officials through a comprehensive orientation.


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