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General Guidelines

  • The Library is open to the public from Monday to Saturday (except during holidays and special occasions), 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  • Children below six years old must be accompanied by parent or a designated adult. Parents/guardians of children attending a program in the Library must remain in the premises.
  • Observe silence at all times. Unnecessary noise, disruptive behavior, discourteous conduct, loud conversation and discussion, smoking, drinking, playing, and sleeping are prohibited.
  • Art and design projects involving drawing, painting, cutting, and pasting are only allowed in designated areas and must have prior permission from the librarian. The use of model clay, water coloring kits, and the like is discouraged.
  • Keep cellular phones on silent mode. Using them to call or text is discouraged.
  • Wearing hats, caps, visors, and the like is also not allowed as a matter of courtesy.
  • Obtain the librarian’s permission before using the electrical outlets.
  • Bringing out materials from the Library’s collections (except books categorized as fictional/recreational) is strictly prohibited.
  • If any Library material (book, audiotape, CD-ROM, etc.) is inadvertently damaged, please inform the Library staff immediately. Parents/guardians of young children are responsible for any damages caused by the latter.
  • Immediately report any damages to furniture and equipment. Patrons and parents/guardians must shoulder the costs to repair or replace damaged items.

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